Making the most of a new life

Happy Father’s Day!


When I think back to the birth of my first child nearly five years ago it seems that my life has changed so much over that time; sometimes for the better, sometimes in ways that frustrate me, and often it is just different. I love being a Dad and wanted to write this blog to help me to reflect on this change, and share it with others. I wanted to think how it has affected other parts of my life: family, marriage, work, friends, interests, as well as myself as a person. So this blog won’t just be about me, it will also be about the people and places that I have experienced and how they have shaped who and what I am.

I hope that over the coming months you will build up a picture of my life, my experiences and what interests me, but to do that you need to know some basic details. I have been married to Karen since 2006 and we have two boys: Jake (4) and Sam (2). We live in West Yorkshire; although we are shortly going to be moving to South Yorkshire (change!) with Karen’s job. I took redundancy from my job at the end of 2011 (more change!), and am doing a postgraduate course in Executive and Business Coaching. I will no doubt be reflecting on what got me here in future posts, so watch this space.

Since this blog is about my life as a Dad, I thought that it would be very appropriate to launch it on Father’s Day. I very much hope that you will enjoy it, be inspired by it, be entertained by it, and contribute to it through your comments, which will be gratefully received.


4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Hello there! Welcome to the world of blogging…fun, rewarding and time-wasting in equal measures. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to fatherhood today. I don’t think men are as comfortable discussing their roles as Fathers amongst each other in the way that women discuss motherhood. (I don’t feel that I really know another Mum until I’ve heard her birth story.) So I welcome your thoughts and contributions, and please correct me if I am wrong. I suspect we’re not so different, motivated as we are by love for our children and a need to get through each day on minimal amounts of sleep!

  2. Thank you Gillian. I think you are right that women do tend to talk, and maybe even think, more about parenthood. But I think this is beginning to change as evidenced by the increasing number of ‘Dad bloggers’. Perhaps the economic situation has also meant that there are more Dads taking primary care of the children and that this has given more Of us the opportunity to be more reflective about our roles. And in the final analysis we do have the same joys, experiences and frustrations with our children.

  3. Happy Father’s day Simon this is a really refreshing story from a dad’s perspective. I hope that lots of dads get to hear about you and share in your journey.

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