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My Mother-in-law still uses a film camera. When she takes a photo her grandchildren look at her quizzically. “Why can’t I see the photo straight away?” they ask. What a bizarre idea that you take a photo and then have to wait ages to see it. This reminds me of when I was young when getting the photos back from the chemist, especially after a holiday, was a significant moment to look forward to; and often one for surprises – usually there were Christmas photos on that holiday film too.

While clearing my Dad’s house recently I came across our family photo albums. There were never more than ten pictures of me from any single year. These were usually taken at Christmas, on my birthday, and on our holidays; and these photos contribute significantly to my memories of when I was young. What’s more I have one friend who only has one or two photos from his entire childhood, his memories are much more sparse. Contrast this with the 5000+ that we already have of Jake and Sam, from around an hour after they were born onwards.

With smaller digital cameras and ever improving lenses on our phones the opportunity to catch moments has increased immensely, as has our opportunity to view them. Screen savers, digital photo albums, and the capacity of small devices to hold hundreds of images have meant that we can look at pictures most of the time. Indeed the first thing that Sam does almost every morning, after his initial cuddle, is pick up my phone and look at pictures and videos of himself. He loves the one of him and Jake on the “Thomas” ride the best.

There is every chance, then, that our children will have far more memories of their childhood to draw on than we ever did; and I want to make sure that my boys have plenty to choose from. So as part of my own development in doing this blog I’ve decided to try to improve my photographic skills. I’ve bought a new camera and will, initially at least, be posting a weekly photograph, probably on Sundays, as well as illustrating other blog posts from time to time.

Photos are so important to our memories and our appreciation of the people and environment around us. They help us to measure change, tracking the growth and development of our children and of ourselves. I hope you will enjoy the photos that I post, and maybe even notice a change in the quality of the photos as this blog progresses.

9 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. I think I delight in the move forward in technology… though there are a fair few photos (mostly birthday mornings in bed) that I just wish didn’t exist. Enjoying the blog so far!

  2. I know what you mean about that sense of anticipation when you went to Boots to pick up a load of photos. We don’t get that now. In fact, I haven’t had any developed for nearly a year as the kids and I like to look at them on the laptop. My Dad has an iPad and my two love to scroll through photos on that, they instinctively understand how to use Apple technology!

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  5. Lovely post – and what better excuse to use a camera than to capture memories of our children? On the one hand, I print out very few photos these days – on the other, I share them with others much more widely. It’s no longer a case of dusting off albums every now and then to bore my friends with at dinner parties – now I can post them to Facebook or Flickr and bore my friends at any time! 🙂

    I have photos of my kids stuck to my desk at work, as screensavers on two PCs, as backgrounds on my phone and iPod, and various other places. Photos are there to be enjoyed!

    • Thanks, though I did not get very far with posting weekly picture since I have a policy of not putting pictures of the boys up for privacy and safeguarding reasons.

      • Yeah, that’s something I wrestled with quite a bit before deciding that I was ok putting up pics of my own kids but absolutely not pics of anyone else. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve considered taking them all down again …

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