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The ChangingDad 12 Blogs of Christmas: 9. Was that it?

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Well that is Christmas Day over with for another year. At about 1pm yesterday Jake asked me: “When is it Christmas again Daddy”? In some ways this sort of summed it up for me. We seem to have had the huge build up to Christmas, most of which I thoroughly enjoyed, but when the day itself comes it never quite seems to match the expectation we place on it.

The day began quite late. I do not know whether my telling Jake that Father Christmas did not come until 8am had anything to do with it, but the boys both woke up at about 8.20, meaning that Karen and I got a bit of a lie in. They then raced downstairs to get their stockings and had a nice time unpacking them. We opened a few presents and then Karen went off to work for a few hours while I made lunch.

After that it felt pretty much like a normal Sunday really, since it was just the four of us. I think previous years have seemed different since we have had my Father with us (and last year although he had passed away we went to stay in his house). We had also planned a relatively simple meal since we were flying off to Karen’s parents on the 26th and did not want lots of left overs, so that was much the same too. Karen and I were also both very tired as if the build up to Christmas had really taken it out of us and did not have much energy for much other than our usually Sunday afternoon visit to the playground (which we had to ourselves).

So in some ways I was quite disappointed about Christmas Day, but I also asked myself how exactly it should be different? Should we have tried harder? Do we put too much store on making that particular day special above all others? Or should we go with the flow? Something for us to think about.

When I look back on Christmas this year I will truthfully say that we had a good time, and really enjoyed making it special for the boys. But Christmas Day itself left me a bit cold. I think we had all run out of steam by then, so long was the build up.

Still, as Jake says, the countdown to next Christmas begins here.

One thought on “The ChangingDad 12 Blogs of Christmas: 9. Was that it?

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