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The ChangingDad 12 Blogs of Christmas: 6. Getting Close

I was trying to think of the right word to explain the overarching atmosphere in our house at the moment. ‘Anticipation’ does not quite cut it, and neither does ‘excitement’ really; although that is getting closer to the fact. Is it ‘hysteria’? Maybe on occasion, but I would be going for some dramatic licence to say that was the case. In the end I would use a word that I used in yesterday’s blog: ‘suspense’.

I think that ‘suspense’ is right because it suggests that the boys are in many ways heading into the unknown. For Sam this is the first Christmas that he really has any inkling about what is going on so the daily opening of the Advent calendars and lighting of the candles is a sign for him that something different is going on. For Jake, too, there is something new about this Christmas, new beyond our being in a different house and him being at school. He sort of remembers previous Christmases, the tree, Father Christmas, the presents and so on; but I think essentially it is a new experience for him. He sort of knows what to expect, but only because that is what he had taken in in the build up to this Christmas.

So the boys and, to a certain extent, Karen and me are waiting with varying degrees of patience for Christmas to arrive. What will it bring? How will it be? Will it really live up to expectations? What are those expectations? Only time will tell.

It is getting close now, there is a feeling of suspense in the air. Soon all will be revealed.